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The Ealing Animal Welfare
The next Ealing Animal Welfare Bazaar
will be held at:

Hanwell Methodist Church
Church Road
London, W7 1DJ

Saturday 5th March 2016
10:30am - 4:00pm
March 2016

The Bazaar is nearly here - it’s a fantastic day out. Lots of gifts and bargains to buy plus seven great guest speakers.

Sea Shepherd will be giving a talk entitled “Sea Shepherd - Does What Others Can’t or Won’t”.  Last year most people who heard their presentation left the room wanting to be Cove Guardians - so be prepared to be inspired.

Animal Aid will be outlining  “Five easy ways we can make a difference for animals” - just what we need.  

Zoe Edwards, Animal Welfare Manager, at The Mayhew Animal Home will also be there talking about the work of their Animal Welfare Officers - and they do such amazing work.

The Mayor of Ealing, Mayor Cllr Harbhajan Kaur Dheer and Consort Cllr Ranjit Dheer will be visiting the Bazaar.  One of the Mayoral Charities this year is Save the Asian Elephants which will also be in attendance at the Bazaar.

The Chief Executive of Save the Asian Elephants, Duncan McNair, will be giving a presentation and he will be bringing with him some of his much-coveted Save the Asian Elephants T-shirts.  

We are pleased to say that Steve Pound (MP for Ealing North), Dr Charles Tannock (Conservative Member of the European Parliament for London), Jean Lambert (Green Party Member of the European Party for London) and Dr Onkar Sahota (GLA Assembly member for Ealing and Hillingdon) will also be visiting the Bazaar.

In order to relieve animal suffering, the societies
attending the Bazaar urgently need our support.
Local Groups. National Groups. International Groups.

Click on the appropriate button below to see a list of groups who have, so far, accepted invitations to attend the 2016 Bazaar.

Yes, it’s free.  We hope that by offering free admission you will want to visit the Bazaar and support the work of those who are working to relieve animal pain and suffering.
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Saturday 5th March 2016...  If you are looking for a Bazaar to go to, then this is the one.


Posters and leaflets for the 2016 Bazaar are now available. Please click the Resources button below to take you to the advertising resources which you can use to publicise the event.

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